Durrat Alkadi Medical Company

Since 1991, Alkadi Group, Saudi Arabia developed into a diverse collection of medical-agro businesses. It is comprised of health care facilities, pharmacies, a medical supply distribution company, advertising firm, retail stores, and agricultural farms.

Established and directed by local native Mohammed Alkadi Al Balawi. Alkadi Group, aims to improve regional standards by providing the most modern services and products possible within the rural north-western quarter of Saudi Arabia. Alkadi Group is currently undergoing significant expansion of services, due to its proximity to the new Neom City Project which is rapidly being built on the Red Sea within the Tabuk Governorate.


Country Origins
Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Russia, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, India, Sudan, Pakistan, Morocco, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Tunisia.


Established 1991
Dorrat Okaz Polyclinic
First modern private clinic in Tabuk
Established 1993
Dorrat Okaz Pharmacy
Established 2000
Alkadi Advertising
Clients: Centre Point, Splash, Mango, cafes, restaurants, manufacturer
Established 2001

Dar Al Doha Dental Center

Established 2004
Mecca Dental Center
Amman, Jordan
Established 2005

Dar Alkadi Dental Center

Established 2006
Arkan Alkadi Medical Supplies and Distribution
Established 2010

Kaukabat Tabuk Medical Complex

Established 2010
Alkadi Pharmacy
Kaukabat Tabuk Medical Complex – Branch
Established 2014
Dorrat Alkadi Medical Complex
Established 2014
Alkadi Dental Laboratory
Established 2014
Alkadi Pharmacy
Dorrat Alkadi Medical Complex – Branch
Established 2014
Venezia Gallery
A European Gift Boutique
Established 2014
Alkadi Farms
700 Hectares agricultural farm, provides vegetable to supermarkets and restaurants
Established 2015
Alkadi Ophthalmology Center
The first private full-service eye laser in the northwest region of Saudi Arabia
Established 2015
Alkadi Optical Store
Optical frames and lens crafter store (Two Branches)
Established 2018
Asrar Al Dawaa Medical Complex
Bought and merged under the umbrella of quality medical complexes
Established 2018
Areej Al Dawaa Pharmacy
Asrar Al Dawaa Medical Complex – Branch
Established 2019
Mohammed Alkadi Medical Complex
Bought and merged under the umbrella of quality medical complexes
Established 2019
Alkadi Pharmacy
Mohammed Alkadi Medical Complex – Branch
Established 2021
Labor Examination Center
Standardized medical examination center
Established 2022
Café Venezia
Homegrown Venetian Luxury Brew
Established 2023
Day Surgery Center (Opening Very Soon)
New outfitted  top level surgery center in Tabuk


Alkadi Group is based in Tabuk Governorate, Saudi Arabia. Tabuk is the location to the new Neom Project on the Red Sea. Neom is a Saudi government “smart” city, planned for completion in 2030. Alkadi Group currently provides emergency services to workers on the Neom Project and will be expanding its services in this area.

Alkadi Group welcomes interested partnership proposals from international business in similar sectors of medical – agriculture.

Tabuk is also a health and well-being hub for Saudi Arabia. Two of the largest pharmaceutical and farm produce companies in the Middle East, Tadco and Astra are based in Tabuk.

Tabuk City has currently 700,000 residents and is one of the fastest growing populations in Saudi Arabia due to its proximity to the Neom project, and its strategic military base, King Abdul Aziz Military City which is located right in the center of Tabuk.

As is the most northerly city in Saudi Arabia, it enjoys a mild, Mediterranean climate. Tabuk is the last large city on the highway linking Saudi Arabia with Amman, Jordan. It is 2 ½ hours away from the pleasant Red Sea resort of Aqaba, Jordan and the tourist destination of Petra.

Although Tabuk is a rapidly progressing city, it still maintains its conservative Bedouin traditions and heritage. Local civic leaders and government agencies are still developing its health care services to meet modern standards. The director of Alkadi Group, Mr. Mohammed Alkadi Al Balawi helps in this progress. He serves as director of the Tabuk, Chamber of Commerce Private Health Care Committee.


Main Administration Office
2nd Level, Asrar Al Dawaa Medical Complex
7561 Prince Sultan bin Abdel Aziz St., Tabuk, Saudi Arabia 47911