Café Venezia. Your Homegrown, Venetian Luxury Brew”

Café Venezia began its journey in Tabuk, in 2022. The brand has since evolved from a boutique retail destination for complete European Luxury gifting, sourced from across the world to uniquely homegrown coffee brewing and foodstuffs made with love.

Café Venezia was created, inspired by the love of the beauty of Venice, Italy. The beauty of the glistening city by the water, offer a timeless and elegant lifestyle. A Luxury Artisan- all day dining concept, which serves sumptuous signature delights and premium beverages, all in a Venetian Luxury setting in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. Café concept features the finest scratch bakery, all butter croissants, baked goods & pastries in the city. Our breads are handcrafted with our own starters & unbleached flours, finest coffees, soothing teas, fresh juices and smoothies are all prepared and brewed with tons of love.

We want everyone to feel welcome in a place where they can work, laugh, unwind or bond– A place to call comfort with a Venetian Luxury experience.

7036 Prince Sultan bin Abdel Aziz Street,
Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
+966 553740090    +966 144233888