Nabil Al Jabri

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  • Academic achievement

    Diploma in General Medicine and Surgery, University of Bucharest 1985
    Master’s degree in anesthesia and intensive care, University of Jordan 1994.
    Jordanian Board from the Jordanian Medical Council
    Consultant from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties 2001

  • Professional Skills

    • University of Jordan Hospital for 5 years
      The Islamic Hospital in Amman for 5 years
      Prince Fahd bin Sultan Hospital in Tabuk for a year and a half
      Al-Mouwasat Hospital in Medina and Qatif for 22 and a half
      One day surgery center in Kawkabah Tabuk for two years
  • Special doctor services

    General anesthesia for general surgery, ear, nose and throat. Urinary tract, teeth, eyes and cosmetics
    Spinal anesthesia for general surgery, urology and plastic surgery.
    Regional anesthesia for general, ophthalmic and plastic surgery
    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
    Intensive care

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Our anesthesia department ensures a safe and comfortable experience during your medical or surgical procedures. Our team of specialized anesthesiologists provides the highest levels of healthcare for each patient. With full focus on

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