“A place for those who understand Beauty is a necessity”

In 2014, a European luxury store concept, Venezia Gallery was created, inspired by the love of the beauty of Venice. The European treasures found among the Venetian palaces and art workshops of the glistening city by the water offer a timeless and elegant lifestyle.  This same ambiance of a Venetian palace is recreated for the customer, and they discover inside, products of exceptional beauty to inspire their own Venetian luxury lifestyle at home.

Venezia Gallery offers customers the opportunity to buy European style gift items, of mostly artisanal and European manufacture.  It carefully selects items that are not mass produced and are of exceptional beauty and uniqueness. Venezia is the exclusive purveyor of some European merchandise in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. Its luxury products appeal to both men and women.

The store concept includes sections of:  leather wallets & purses, men’s accessories, costume jewelry, bath products, stationary, pens & calligraphic pens, confectionary, home textiles, ornamental art, porcelain dolls, hand-made porcelain & blown glass décor pieces, candles & home fragrances, and a small selection of niche brand perfumes.

The Venezia Gallery, Palace of Luxury interior concept is that of an elegant yet cozy European gift boutique inside a Venetian Palace. It conveys a message of ornate baroque styling. At the same time it is careful to offer the customer affordable products that speak of elegance and good taste. The products in the store remind customers of a lost historic lifestyle of beauty that is still possible to create in this modern age. This resurgence of interest in living beautifully is more necessary now than ever before.

“The Venezia Gallery, Palace of Luxury, where Beauty is a necessity,”

7036 Prince Sultan bin Abdel Aziz Street,
Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
+966 553740090    +966 144233888