Iman Bedawi

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  • Academic achievement

    • Doctorate in Ophthalmology
    • Doctorate in Cosmetic Eye Surgeries
    • Arab Board in Ophthalmology 1994, fellow ship in oculoplastic KkESH1995
  • Professional Skills

    20 year experience in oculoplastic,at Jeddah Eye Hospital

  • Special doctor services

    • All cosmetic lid surgery,Ptosis,lid tumors with Reconstruction,lacrimal surgeries,Blind Eye sx,Socket Reconstruction,orbit Truma management,Blepharoplasty,Brow plasty

Doctor Working Hours

Based on reservations

Doctor Services Provided

Enhance the beauty of your eyes and get ready for a captivating and stunning look with eye cosmetic surgeries Get remarkable and noticeable results through modern techniques and eye cosmetic surgeries that achieve improvement in the appearance

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محمد اشرف
ماشاء الله الدكتور ممتاز ومحترم وذو خبرة عالية. اتمنى من الله له التوفيق واشكره كثيرا على ماقدمه لي من علاج.

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