One Day Surgery

We provide day surgery services with the highest standards of quality and professionalism, where surgical procedures are carried out effectively and accurately to ensure a comfortable and safe experience for patients, by our specialized team of consultants and specialized nurses who ensure the provision of comprehensive and personalized health care for each patient.

Single day surgery services

One-day surgery at Durrat Al-Qadi Medical Group provides a variety of surgical services that are performed in a safe and effective manner without the need to stay in the hospital by consultants in different specialties. Therefore, one-day surgery at Durrat Al-Qadi Medical Group represents the ideal choice for patients looking for treatment. Fast and effective without the need to stay in the hospital.

One day surgery includes:

    • Eye plastic surgery and vision correction.
    • General surgery.
    • Operations Urinary tract and cases of infertility and childlessness.
    • Ear, nose and throat operations.
    • Facial and maxillofacial surgery.
    • Surgery for hair, eyelashes, beard and eyebrow transplantation.

This service is characterized by:-

      1. Comprehensive evaluation: A comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s condition is provided before surgery, including the necessary medical examinations and analyzes to ensure the safety of the operation.
      2. Professional guidance: The team of specialized consultants at Durrat Al Qadi Group guides patients and provides the necessary medical consultations to determine the appropriate steps for treatment.
      3. Advanced surgical procedures. :The day surgery at Durrat Al Qadi Medical Group includes many advanced surgical procedures, such as eye surgery, rhinoplasty, skin and plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, and many other procedures.
      4. Technology Modern:The latest advanced medical technologies and equipment are used in all surgical procedures to ensure the best results and least side effects.
      5. Post-operative care: Patients receive outstanding post-operative care Which includes periodic follow-up and assistance in recovery processes to ensure a quick and sound recovery.
      6. Comfort and luxury: Durrat Al Qadi Medical Group is distinguished by providing a comfortable environment and high-quality facilities to ensure patients’ comfort during their stay in the medical center.

Services of One Day Surgery are

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