A Specialized Medical Team

Dorrat Al Kadi Medical Group includes a team of distinguished doctors who specialize in various medical specialties.

Modern Techniques

The latest medical technologies and advanced medical devices are used to provide high-quality services.

Integrated Services

The group provides various medical services including dermatology, dentistry, day surgery, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, laser, etc.

Specialized Consultations

We provide specialized patient consultations, where medical advice and guidance are provided by a team of specialized doctors to ensure comprehensive and effective care for each patient.

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Integrated Medical Care

Durrat Al Kadi Medical Group aims to provide integrated and comprehensive health care to all patients, and to meet their medical needs with the best possible methods and advanced technologies.

Are you experiencing hair loss and searching for a permanent and effective solution? Worry no more! At our medical center, We offer you hair transplant services with the latest techniques and by the hands of specialized experts.

Enhance the beauty of your eyes and get ready for a captivating and stunning look with eye cosmetic surgeries Get remarkable and noticeable results through modern techniques and eye cosmetic surgeries that achieve improvement in the appearance

Get ready to achieve your perfect beauty with the luxurious cosmetic services we offer at our medical center. We pride ourselves on providing a diverse range of effective and safe cosmetic procedures, including Botox injections, and hair

Enjoy laser hair removal sessions at our centers, combining advanced technology and medical expertise to deliver the best results in a safe and effective manner. The effectiveness of our services lies in using the latest certified laser

Get ready for a stunning transformation in your beauty with our exceptional skincare and hair services at our medical centers. We offer a comprehensive range of treatments and procedures to enhance the health and beauty of your skin and revitalize

Get ready to experience radiant and healthy skin with our outstanding dermatology services at our medical centers. Our specialized dermatology team offers individualized and comprehensive care for each patient, Using the latest technologies

Get ready to see the world clearly and beautifully with the distinguished ophthalmology services at our medical center. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive eye health care, ensuring you a unique medical experience and exceptional

Our medical centers guarantee the provision of distinguished and comprehensive health care in the field of thoracic and internal medicine. The Department of Chest Medicine is distinguished by providing diagnosis and treatment of a wide

Our emergency unit takes pride in providing exceptional medical care during times of distress. Our excellently trained team offers rapid and specialized response to every emergency case that comes to us.

Providing care for children of various age groups, from birth to adolescence. Pediatrics has evolved as an independent branch in medicine. Because many health issues occur primarily or exclusively in children.

Get ready for a perfect smile and renewed confidence with our outstanding dental implant services at our medical centers. We offer comprehensive and effective solutions for replacing missing teeth with durable and stable dental implants.

A perfect smile starts here! In our orthodontic department, we offer specialized orthodontic services aimed at enhancing the appearance of teeth and oral function using the latest techniques. Using advanced techniques and innovative

Are you experiencing urinary tract problems and searching for the best doctors to help you? No need to worry! We have competent specialized consultants to provide you with the appropriate medical care. Our team is comprised of experienced

Al-kadi Medical Group offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic procedures, including body sculpting, facelifts, liposuction, rhinoplasty, treatments for sensitive areas, and postpartum restoration.

Prepare for a comprehensive and distinguished medical care experience with our general surgery services at our medical center. We offer personalized and effective solutions for various surgical cases. With a team of highly qualified and

All therapeutic techniques related to the nose, ear, and throat, such as ventilation tube insertion, tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, tympanoplasty (eardrum repair), mastoidectomy (for ear bone decay), and others.

Discover your true beauty and regain your self-confidence with our maxillofacial surgery services at our medical center. We offer advanced and effective solutions to enhance the appearance of the face and jaws, ensuring you achieve exceptional

Enjoy a flawless smile and exceptional function with our dental prosthetics services at our medical centers. We offer effective and specialized solutions to enhance the appearance and function of teeth, With our skilled team and state-of-the-art

Enjoy a bright smile and strong oral health with our exceptional dentistry services at our medical center. We provide specialized and comprehensive care for all your oral and dental health needs. With the expertise of our specialized team

Prepare to receive specialized and comprehensive care in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at our medical centers, where our excellent team offers services including routine monitoring of women’s health and prenatal care.

Discover the quality of healthcare at our centers through the distinguished Medical Laboratories Department. We pride ourselves on providing advanced and comprehensive laboratory services, including blood, urine, and tissue analyses.

Get ready for an exceptional experience in the Radiology Department. Our specialized team provides you with high-quality service using the latest technologies for accurate diagnosis and precise monitoring of your health condition. Let

Our anesthesia department ensures a safe and comfortable experience during your medical or surgical procedures. Our team of specialized anesthesiologists provides the highest levels of healthcare for each patient. With full focus on

Get ready to receive comprehensive and specialized care at our medical centers’ General Medicine department. Our team of experienced general physicians provides comprehensive medical services that meet your health needs with

Get ready for a comprehensive dental care experience focused on comfort and oral health with our exceptional endodontic services at our medical center. We offer specialized and effective solutions for treating dental root damage and saving

In our medical centers’ urology department, you’ll experience a perfect fusion of specialized care and state-of-the-art medical technologies. Our team of distinguished doctors brings their expertise in diagnosing and

Our Medical Team

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