Omar Salem, Jordanian Consultant


  • Academic achievement

    • American Fellowship in Retinal Surgery and Eye Inflammations
  • Professional Skills

    • Professor at the Faculty of Medicine / Jordan University of Science and Technology
    • Ten years of experience at King Founder University Hospital as a consultant in ophthalmology
  • Special doctor services

    • White Cataract Surgeries and Implantation of All Types of Lenses
    • Retinal and Vitreous Surgeries
    • Glaucoma Valve Implantation Surgeries
    • Laser Vision Correction Surgeries
    • Strabismus Surgeries
    • Intraocular Injections for Treating Diabetic Retinopathy

Doctor Working Hours

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Get ready to see the world clearly and beautifully with the distinguished ophthalmology services at our medical center. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive eye health care, ensuring you a unique medical experience and exceptional

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