Invisalign .. for teeth alignment..

تقويم شفاف

Dr. Mahmoud Habra, Specialist in Orthodontics, Mohammed Al-Kadi Medical Complex

The importance of dental alignment and the beauty of its appearance are significant aspects of human life. Modern treatment techniques and convenient methods cater to everyone, both adults and children, aiding in achieving this. And they yield the best results in a very short time.

Orthodontic Department

Spaces between teeth or crowding are considered the most common cases for which individuals seek orthodontic treatment to enhance their appearance. The conventional solution is traditional metal braces, visible to everyone. This often deters a large segment of people, especially adults, from seeking treatment due to its impact on their work and daily lives. And thus, manufacturing companies raced to produce various forms of what is called ‘invisible braces’.

Invisible braces.

If you’re someone in need of teeth alignment but bothered by its appearance, invisible braces are the ideal solution for you. It’s the optimal solution without resorting to metal wires and the discomfort of visible braces, which can irritate the mouth and trap food. This type of braces simply involves the use of transparent molds designed with computer-aided three-dimensional shapes after taking the patient’s teeth shape and size into account. They are worn one after the other for specified periods to achieve the desired result, all under the supervision of a specialized dentist. This technology has caused a significant stir in the world of orthodontics due to its effectiveness and speed in treating various types of dental deformities, as well as the practical and psychological comfort it provides to patients.

Key Features of Invisible Braces:

Being transparent, it’s not easily noticeable by those around you. So you can smile with confidence and

Comfort in both work and daily life.

It can be easily removed for teeth cleaning and enjoying tasty food without inconvenience.

The wires and their discomfort.

It can maintain dental cleanliness and shine while reducing food debris buildup and plaque formation.

Tartar and gum inflammation diseases, along with their associated problems and tooth decay. The treatment duration is shorter, which is often desired by many patients. As well as fewer visits.

Compared to those using traditional braces. It also allows you to engage in various sports safely and easily.