Internal Medicine and Pulmonology

Our medical centers guarantee the provision of distinguished and comprehensive health care in the field of thoracic and internal medicine. The Department of Chest Medicine is distinguished by providing diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of respiratory diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and respiratory infections, in addition to diagnosis and follow-up of other thoracic conditions.

As for internal medicine, we provide comprehensive services to provide diagnosis and treatment for a variety of internal diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, digestive diseases, kidney and liver diseases, and others. The internal medicine team included in our centers provides highly experienced and modern medical knowledge, specialized services focused on diagnosing cases and providing effective treatment for patients.

Our centers rely on modern medical technologies and equipment to achieve the best results in treating patients. We also pay special attention to the patient experience, striving to provide a comfortable and supportive environment that helps relieve stress and promote a sense of comfort while receiving healthcare.

Thanks to our commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety and providing distinguished medical services, we always strive to meet patients’ needs and improve their quality of life. Our centers have a reputation for providing exceptional health care, and we are proud of our commitment to meeting the needs and expectations of our patients with precision and efficiency.

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Specialized Doctors

Internal Medicine and Pulmonology Specialist

Internal Medicine and Pulmonology Specialist

Deputy chest and internal medicine physician

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