Mahmoud Habra

1- A doctor licensed to treat cases with Invisalign clear braces
2- Treating all orthodontic cases (crowded teeth, gaps, protruding teeth, crossbite)
3- Preparing cases that require reconstructive surgery
4- Dragging the fangs embedded in the bone
4-Treatment of recurrent cases
5- The use of auxiliary orthodontic implants to facilitate and speed up complex and difficult cases
6-Using functional devices to coordinate the jaws in children
7- Preparing cases that require more than one specialty (orthodontics + dental implants + prosthodontics)
8- Follow up on cases after completing treatment with appropriate stabilization devices to ensure that the results are maintained

  • Academic achievement

    Master of Orthodontics – Cairo University 2005
    He holds a clear braces certificate

  • Professional Skills

    14 years experience

  • Special doctor services

Doctor Working Hours

From Saturday to Thursday

09:00 AM – 12:30 PM

05:00 PM – 09:30 PM

Doctor Services Provided

A perfect smile starts here! In our orthodontic department, we offer specialized orthodontic services aimed at enhancing the appearance of teeth and oral function using the latest techniques. Using advanced techniques and innovative

Mahmoud Habra
Orthodontist and clear braces specialist

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Dr. Mahmoud Habra, Specialist in Orthodontics, Mohammed Al-Kadi Medical Complex

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