Our anesthesia department ensures a safe and comfortable experience during your medical or surgical procedures. Our team of specialized anesthesiologists provides the highest levels of healthcare for each patient. With full focus on your safety and comfort.

Our services are characterized by customization and individual attention to each patient. Our anesthesia team provides comprehensive and personalized care tailored to your individual needs, ensuring your complete comfort and satisfaction.

Distinguished medical team:
Our anesthesia team consists of experienced and highly skilled specialist doctors in the field of anesthesia. Who prioritize your safety and comfort above all else every time.

🏥 Quality healthcare:
We strive to provide high-quality anesthesia services at affordable prices. Making our medical center a trusted destination for patients seeking treatment and surgery.

General anesthesia: Drugs that induce unconsciousness and block the sensation of pain throughout the entire body are administered. This type of anesthesia is used in major surgical procedures.
Local or regional anesthesia: A specific part of the body is numbed without loss of consciousness. This type of anesthesia is used in minor surgical procedures or for pain relief during localized treatments such as dental procedures.
Tablet-based regional anesthesia (Regional anesthesia with sedation): The drugs are administered directly to the site intended for anesthesia. Such as the spinal column or extremities. To anesthetize a specific part of the body.


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